Trust the experienced professionals at Solartint Belconnen

At one glance you will see the difference with our optically clear products. These classy, sleek, neutral coloured window tints can only be, Solartint. We stock a range of products for Automotive, Residential & Commercial and Safety & Security.

Automotive Window Tinting Services

From your car to your caravan to your boat – the tinting specialists at Solartint Belconnen are happy to lend their expertise and friendly customer service. Get the windows of your automotive vehicle tinted for increased security or privacy. Our quality tinting services reduce the sun's harmful UV rays, glare and protect against shattered glass. A tint will also reduce the build up of heat, and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning, making your vehicle more comfortable. Protect your family now by calling us today.

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Commercial & Residential Window Tinting Services

At Solartint Belconnen we use state-of-the-art films especially designed for commercial buildings. The specialised films control temperature imbalance by retaining and deflecting sunlight when necessary. Our tinting experts confidently guarantee a reduction in your energy costs. Preserve your household furnishings and coverings by reducing the amount of harmful U.V rays that are damaging your cherished possessions.

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The Benefits of Choosing Solartint Window Films


Reject 99% of UV Radiation

Reduce up to 84% of Heat
Reject 99% of Infra-red Radiation
Control up to 90% of Glare
Secure your home or business with our Safety and Security products
Save Energy and Money!

Safety and Security Range

Our Safety and Security products are designed to protect against the threat of personal injury or loss. Due to incredible tensile strength, Solartint Safety and Security tint holds glass panels and fragments together thereby reducing injury and the risk of someone accidentally going through an otherwise unprotected glass panel. Our Safety and Security products will bring your older style windows up to a safer standard.

As an added bonus our range of Safety and Security tint can reduce the ability of unwanted intruders entering through the glass window while stopping 99% UV rays and offering maximum heat protection.

Anti-Graffiti Range

Solartint has a range of tried and tested clear tints which are installed externally. These products act as a sacrificial barrier to any would-be vandalism. In the event of the treated window being tagged or etched, the protective film can be easily and quickly removed and replaced, saving costly and timely renewal of window glass.